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Many men and women I speak to express sadness, anger and fear when the spark goes out of their long-term relationship. And when I say ‘spark’ I’m not just talking about physical intimacy. The spark for many of us is what precedes physical intimacy. Deep, meaningful conversations. Date nights. Taking initiative. Presence. Spontaneity. Romance. All […]

Disclaimer: all my posts are designed for people in non-violent relationships. Please do not read my posts and try to apply them to your situation if you are in a relationship where domestic violence is a threat or a reality.   A safe relationship is one where people can bring their whole selves without fear of […]

Tune in to what your family needs each day. It’s easy to feel pressured into going to all the places and doing all the things to make sure everyone has fun on the school holidays. Take some time to really think about what you and each child needs during these holidays. Maybe your family is […]

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1. You must have lots of common interests. My husband and I don’t. We have common values though and these are deeper and more enduring than interests. Interests come and go, values are what you build a life on. 2. You have to feel connected all the time and if you don’t, something is wrong. […]

… and Create Strong Families Eat as many meals as you can together at the table. Make greetings important. Good morning kisses and hugs, good night chats, stories, prayers and tucking in. Greetings after separation are even more important: take time to reconnect after school or day care. Powerful greetings include physical contact, making eye […]

mother and daughters

Your relationship to yourself. Self-care practices, how you speak to and about yourself. Boundaries, connecting to your needs, learning how to meet them and express them to others. Overcoming self-doubt, criticism and other negative, destructive behaviours. Accepting, celebrating and loving yourself for the unique, brave, beautiful soul that you are. Understanding your past and the […]

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