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What if I told you it didn't have to be so hard? Let me help you create more ease, depth & joy.

Trying to stay connected to your partner, raise happy, healthy kids, thrive at work, have a social life and somehow practise self-care?

I believe in your transformation even before you know what it looks like. I believe in the power of your mind.

And I believe that if you're willing to pause, to be with me, to face yourself and articulate what you truly want, that I can help you create the life you long for.

Not a perfect life. Because I smash fairy tales to smithereens. But a real life. An uncensored, deep, true, whole and healed expression of you. Soulful. Switched-on. Sublime. Powerful. You.

Life & Relationship Coach. Yoga Therapist. Writer. Teacher. Lover. Mother. Reinvention is my super power. Awakening others is my gift and my purpose.

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Connect to, understand, love, respect and care for yourself unconditionally

Overcome your past, heal your wounds and let go of limiting beliefs, negative habits and behaviour patterns

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Break dysfunctional generational cycles and leave a powerful, positive legacy for your family

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Our health and wellbeing depends on the quality of our relationships to self, others and life.

Let's do this!

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