I'm Amanda

Coach, wife, mum, step-mum, fur-mum, writer, yoga therapist, teacher and self-care addict here to help you feel your happiest and healthiest.


I was a sensitive, deep-thinking kid obsessed with reading. My mum nurtured this passion by buying book subscriptions from the backs of magazines. I had all the classic fairy tales, Little Golden Books and then a complete set of World Book Encyclopaedia. Writing quickly became the way I made sense of life and how I best expressed myself.

It was an idyllic 80s childhood for the most part. We played outside all summer with our neighbours. I had a hardworking dad, a stay-at-home mum who lovingly prepared all our meals and kept an immaculate house.

But life isn't perfect. And families never are.

My story starts in late 1979. I was born into a big, crazy, southern-European family. I grew up in Sydney's multicultural south-west and the events of my childhood shaped the woman I was to become. 

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My Story

All of this changed when I became a mother a couple of months before turning 22. My daughter's birth and the postnatal period were the biggest wake-up call of my life and set me on a path of healing and deep self-discovery. I went through a separation and turned to yoga seeking stability and inner peace. 

The first 21 years of my life are a chaotic blur of grief, trauma, violence, disordered eating and substance abuse. 

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I was a home-birth advocate, a prenatal and postnatal yoga specialist, doula and pioneer of the conscious birth and parenting movement in my community. I shared my love for yoga and designed personal development programs that changed people's lives.

Illuminate Yoga launched the careers of many teachers and became a haven of inner exploration and healing for thousands of students until its closure in April 2022. 

I got married in 2007, became a yoga teacher and gave birth to a second daughter at home in 2010. Later that year, on mat leave from my job as a primary school teacher, I opened Illuminate Yoga in Wetherill Park, where I was born and raised.

Yet something still eluded me. My past trauma continued to haunt me. I found myself stuck in the same negative thought patterns, burdened by the same heavy feelings and afflicted by the same destructive habits, reactivity and relationship turmoil. A family situation triggered a massive personal unravelling and my marriage ended after ten years.

I read all the books. Did all the courses. Took all the supplements. Went to therapy. Learned from the best teachers in the world.

My divorce and the years that followed were an invitation into the most profound healing work of my life to date. With the support of incredible teachers and coaches, I was able to finally face who I was, why that was and make peace with it all.

In 2021 I took my passion for learning, healing and relationships to the next level and became a Certified Relationship Coach with the internationally renowned The Relationship School. 

I'm here to show you what's possible and to help you overcome whatever's in your way.

Coaching for parents who want to feel deeply connected to themselves,
their purpose, partner and children.

Today I'm married to my best friend. We see our relationship as a sacred container offering growth, character refinement, joy and healing capacity far greater than what is possible alone. Our gift to this world is the way we raise our five wonderful children. Hippies at heart, we dream of one day living somewhere tropical.  

As a coach I bring years of lived experience as a medicine woman, mother, bonus-mother, wife, teacher, learner, lover and seeker. 

My approach combines my work as an educator, writer, mindfulness meditation teacher, somatic practitioner, birth-worker and yoga for addiction recovery space-holder.

I invite you to step towards your most authentic self. To heal the unseen and unloved parts of yourself. To deepen your self- understanding, to dream about what's possible, let go of your past, live a powerful life and leave a positive legacy for your family. 

This, I believe, is how we change the world and what we are here for.



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